data wrangling for
computational genomics

Current projects

NGS data analysis
ngsutilsjUpdated NGS data processing toolkit (active development)Java
NGSUtilsOriginal NGS data processing tools (maintenance only)Python
cgspliceSplicing analysis toolkitJava
Data analysis pipelines / infrastructure
cgpipeLanguage for defining and running pipelines on HPC clustersJava
SBSSingle user batch job scheduler for workstationsPython
Misc. tools
basespace-downloadDownload files / samples from Illumina's BaseSpaceGolang
swalignSmith-Waterman local alignment library/toolPython
tabutilsUtility progams for working with tab-delimited text filesPython
Programming libraries
compgen-commonCommon utility classes useful for Java projectsJava
compgen-cmdlineFramework for developing Java command-line applications that have a *nix feelJava